Talent Show

One of the most popular student activities at Willard – the Willard Talent Show!

The Talent Show is intended to showcase the talents of current Willard students and we love having a variety of acts! Think about your hobbies and how you might be able to preform them for an audience. Perhaps you take a martial arts class, do magic tricks, play an unusual instrument, do puppetry, make films or know how to double-dutch jump rope? Use your imagination!

Willard Custodian Carl Sweeney serves as Master of Ceremonies.

Date: TBD in 2018!
Time: 2:00 – 4:30 PM
Location: CCHS auditorium
Acts: maximum 60 acts; no limit to number of performers
Tickets: $6 each
Contact: talentshow@willardptg.org

 Willard Talent Show 2017


2017 Super Willard

Congratulations to this year’s Logo Contest Winner, Willard 4th grader, Julia Perrotta!!!!!


Encourage your children to start planning an act to perform with their friends.  Meanwhile, you’ll need to gather your registration information.

The Registration Form will ask you for information about your act.  Be prepared with the following information for ALL the members of your group:

  • Title of Performance (a temporary title, so we can distinguish one act from another)
  • Description of Act (i.e. “Girls will hula-hoop to the Abba song Dancing Queen”)
  • Title of Music to be used in Act
  • Number of Performers in Act
  • Act Captain and his/her contact information
  • Each performer’s name, grade, parent’s name, parent’s email/phone number
  • Preview Day Preference

Registrations will be processed on a first-received, first-admitted basis.

More about registration

Preview Day

The Preview Days are when the Talent Show Committee sees each act for the first time. Preview Days take place on a Monday and Tuesday after school. The act signs in at the Willard Cafeteria. The Act Captain must supervise their performer(s) in the Cafeteria while the act waits to be seen.  Performers are then called from the cafeteria (generally on a ‘first-come, first served’ basis) to either the Auditorium or Music Practice Room to preview their act in front of members of the Talent Show Committee.

The limit for all acts is 1 1/2 minutes. Your act will be timed at the Preview Day, so please plan to finish within this limit. The time limit will be strictly enforced. If your act uses recorded music, you must bring your music CD with your music edited to 1 1/2 minutes or less to Preview Day.

Stage Crew

Online registration to be one of the eight students selected to be on the Stage Crew for the Willard Talent Show takes place in December.  Open only to fifth graders.

Stage Crew members quietly move scenery, props, and standing microphones on and off the stage as directed by the adult Stage Managers.  They are essential to making the show flow smoothly!

More on the Stage Crew!

Refreshment Crew

Led by our parent Refreshment Coordinator, fourth and fifth grade students on the Refreshment Crew assist at the refreshment tables at intermission distributing snacks and beverages. Refreshment Crew members need only attend the afternoon of the show, arriving at 1:30 PM, but will need to stay after the show for post-show refreshment sales and clean-up.

Dress Rehearsal

Friday, TBD (4:00 – 8:00 PM)

The Dress Rehearsal is held at Concord-Carlisle High School. Students are not expected to attend the entire Dress Rehearsal. The specific rehearsal time slot during which they must be present that afternoon/evening is determined by the order of the show. Performers and Stage Crew only need to be present for their portion of the show (their “set”), during which they will perform, practice light and sound cues in their act, and understand how their act fits into the order of the show; they will then be dismissed to go home. Performers and Stage Crew will be informed of their specific dress rehearsal time in mid-to-late March.


Tickets can be purchased via PayPal.  Watch your Willard Weekly for details! Tickets are $6/person, but are not required for performers, crew members, and adult volunteers. Buy early!


We request that each student’s parent or guardian volunteer in some way if your child participates in the show. Families move on and new volunteers are the only way for this tradition to be maintained and passed down. Volunteer opportunities include assisting as a Preview Day volunteer, Technical (Lights & Sound) assistant(s), Publicity, Set Parent, Refreshment Sales volunteer, or a Ticket Table volunteer. It’s a lot of fun and there are both big and small jobs to do! Please contact talentshow@willardptg.org about how you can help. Your participation is a great way to show your child your support. Thank you.

More about volunteering

Logo Artwork Contest

Calling all artists in all grades to participate in the Annual Talent Show Logo Artwork Contest!  Encourage your child to design a logo that captures this year’s theme…and win the chance for his/her artwork to be featured on Talent Show publicity materials! All drawings need to be simple line drawings (not too much detail!) in black pen/marker or dark pencil (no color!) and fit within the square on the entry form; pictures only, the words will be added later by the Talent Show staff. Turn in your entry to the collection box in the front hall of Willard.

Talent Show Logo Contest Flyer 2016-2017