Science Fair

The school-wide Science Fair is neither juried nor competitive and welcomes all projects (see guidelines below). All student scientists will receive participation awards and will be entered into a raffle for exciting, science-related prizes.

Date: Sunday afternoon in spring
Time: 2:00-3:30 PM
Location: Willard cafeteria
Register: TBA

How Do You Do It?

Choose one:

  1. PICK a topic that interests you. Ask a question you can answer using a simple scientific method. For example, in previous years students have asked:
    • Can a plant grow through a maze?
    • What happens when you put an egg in vinegar for a week?
    • What kinds of food do birds like best?
    • Which household cleaners remove the most germs?
  2. COLLECT and record information (data) that you measure or observe.
  3. MAKE a model or draw a diagram that shows a scientific phenomenon.
  4. BUILD an apparatus that demonstrates scientific principles.
  5. RESEARCH, illustrate and explain a scientific wonder.

Need ideas? Check out our inspiration page HERE.

You can also see some photos from last year HERE!


  • Work alone or with friends or siblings. Up to 4 in a group.
  • Feel free to get assistance from parents or other adults, but make this project your own.
  • Each student of team will have a 3’ x 3’ display space on half of a 3’ x 6’ table.
  • Projects may NOT use open or concealed flames, gases, non-contained microbial cultures, flammable liquids, or dangerous methods.
  • Wear something GREEN to the Science Fair to show support for Willard!

Eco-Friendly Category

Did you know that a lot of science went into the sustainable design of our new school building? Learn about the eco-friendly elements of the Willard School building HERE.

Look for some eco-friendly project ideas HERE.  For example: